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Our Packages

save $5.00

Our Weekly Dorm Package; Reserve 7 nights in a dorm room and the last night is only $10.00!

3 NIghts $15.00

Sunday 3 Night Package; Reserve a bed in a dorm room for 3 nights including any Sunday and your last night is only $20.00!

Hostelworld Awards

We would like to thank all our guests who rated us on Hostelworld. We are so happy you enjoyed your stay and we promise to keep it up!

" is the leading provider of online reservations to the budget, independent and youth travel market". All of our guests who booked their hostel bed through this website are able to rate their stay in regards to Character, Security, Location, Staff, Fun, and Cleanliness. Every month Hostelworld names the 10 best rated hostels in each country with a minimum of 30 ratings. Unfotunately, most months we don't receive enough reviews to qualify since we're such a small hostel . We also don't receive enough reviews per year anymore to qualify for a "Hoscar" award. The minimum requirement used to be 300 reviews, and we typically receive between 310 and 350 reviews. However, Hostelworld now requires a minimum of 400 reviews to qualify, disqualifying all small to medium-sized hostels unless they pay Hostelworld to use their products, which we don't. Below are the awards we've won in the months and years that we qualified...

Here are the awards we won since opening our hostel in June of 2008: 


Finding Us

We’re in the centre
of the Old City!
32 Bank Street
Philadelphia, PA
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Ghost Tour
Bradley guides our guests through some of Philadelphia's most haunted spots. Maybe this week Benjamin Franklin's ghost will make an appearance...



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